Music of the Medieval Rites   2014

A series of six concerts celebrating the music and poetry of the medieval religious rites which flourished in Europe during the first millenium, before the imposition of a universal Roman Rite. The diversity of early medieval music is often over-looked since local variants of the liturgy were suppressed from the 9th century onwards often before many examples could be notated.

This project brings together musicologists and selected vocal ensembles throughout Europe to identify, transcribe and perform music of six major medieval rites. By focusing individually on the music of the different rites we hope to gain a new perspective of a much richer musical heritage than is commonly perceived; to gain a glimpse of the vibrant oral tradition that existed in the early centuries of christianity and to inspire fresh discussion and interest in this period.

Académie Vocale de Paris

L'Abbaye de S Pierre de Solesmes, France

Sospiri, Oxford UK

Orthodox Choir of the University of Eastern Finland

Kantores 14, Italy

Capella Duriensis, Portugal

Gregoriana, Slovakia

EURO RADIO project created in partnership with
capella duriensis & RDP Antena 2